Technical Track


A concentrated, project-based course designed to teach you how to build contemporary and robust web applications with .NET

Track Details

If you are familiar with .NET, but don’t feel confident enough to apply for an IT position with it, this technical track of ScaleFocus Academy is the perfect place for you. In just 12 weeks, you will polish your skills while working on real .NET projects in a sandbox environment. Through the duration of this track, you will practice:

Not There Yet?

If you want to become an IT professional skilled in .NET, but don’t have the fundamental knowledge required to use it at a basic level, be sure to check out ScaleFocus Pre-Academy Bootcamp. It will prepare you to take part in this course.

Technical Track .NET Enrollment

Technical track .NET is free for everybody interested in it. Still, there is a two-part entrance exam. It is in the form of an online test and a face-to-face interview. The exam aims to ensure that all accepted students have the necessary base knowledge and dedication to become fully capable IT specialists during the 12 weeks of intensive training.

Course Overview

During the training, students will have to solve complex technical problems and work on building web solutions from start to finish. If accepted into ScaleFocus Academy, you will:

Delve deep in modern technologies and tools, learning to build real-world .NET applications from start to finish

Practice as a part of a team using Agile methodologies including SCRUM and Kanban

Get expert mentor help from ScaleFocus engineers, including individual meetings and rigorous code reviews

Showcase a demo of your final project and receive an opportunity to join ScaleFocus and other partner companies

Technical Track .NET Graduation

Upon graduation, you will be fully qualified to start a career as a .NET developer. In addition, the best graduates will be offered to join the team of the biggest Bulgarian IT company – ScaleFocus.

Technical Track .NET Graduation

Coming soon

The application procedure for the next .NET technical track of ScaleFocus Academy will be open in January 2020. The course will be held in Burgas. More information about the specific timeline and location is to follow before the end of 2019. Don’t miss any of it by subscribing to our newsletter!