Frequently Asked Questions…and their answers

Not at all! If you think you have what it takes to jump right in, feel free to apply directly with our entrance exam. Bear in mind that joining the SFA requires a solid understanding of programming basics, so make sure to have those covered or join the Bootcamp.

For the Bootcamp, you don't need to have any previous IT experience - we'll take care of teaching you exactly that! For the Academy, you need to have good knowledge of the fundamentals of programming. For instance, a sound understanding of Data Structures, Algorithms, and OOP principles. Experience with SCM tools like Git and platforms like GitHub and GitLab. And most of all, passion for learning and desire to dedicate yourself to the Academy.

Both the Pre-Academy Bootcamp and the entire ScaleFocus Academy are completely free. That is why candidates undergo a strict selection process and we take only the best for the Academy.

The best performing graduates will get the opportunity to join ScaleFocus shortly after graduation. However, all alumni will have enough practical experience from ScaleFocus Academy to succeed on a professional interview at any software company in Bulgaria.

Yes, you will need to bring your own laptop. At a minimum, your laptop should have an Intel Core i3 or equivalent processor and 4GB of RAM. If you are unable to meet these requirements, we can rent you one for the course of the training. Contact us at for more info

In case you can’t find the confirmation email in your primary mailbox, please check the other folders such as “promotions”, “spam”, etc. Sometimes email providers have very strict filters and messages sent from our system land there. If you still can’t find the confirmation afterward, please contact us at the abovementioned email address.

We are sorry to inform you that in this case, you will have to wait for the next edition of the program you are applying to.

Contact our team immediately and we will resolve the issue.

Unfortunately, no. The training in ScaleFocus Academy is practically oriented and you can’t participate from a distance. Still, we encourage you to subscribe to our newsletter and expect the happy news announcing that we are opening doors in your town.

All technological programs in ScaleFocus Academy are intensive and require serious dedication to complete. Therefore, to participate, you need to commit to one program only.

Technical programs signify only your technology preference and will be reviewed again before starting the ScaleFocus Academy.

Absolutely! Failing to get in ScaleFocus Academy from the first time doesn’t stop you in any way from trying again.

The technical programs in the Academy require 20-30 hours weekly commitment, with 10 of those being interactive tutor sessions.

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