ScaleFocus Academy is the largest educational initiative led by the private sector in Bulgaria. Our mission is to train 10 000 qualified specialists for the world of professional it services!

Plovdiv Academy Enrolment

ScaleFocus Academy is free for everybody. To validate that the candidates have the necessary knowledge to start the technical programs in the Academy, we employ a 2-stage assessment process. The first part is a technical exam, evaluating candidates based on their understanding of programming fundamentals. The second part is an in-person interview, discussing the candidate's motivation to join the Academy and posing questions related to their technical exam solutions. Here are the important dates for the Academy in Plovdiv.

Feb 1 - March 3

Between Feb 1st and March 3rd, you will be able to apply for ScaleFocus Academy Plovdiv via a form on this website.

March 3

On March 3 all applicants must undergo an online technical exam, aiming to evaluate their knowledge in programming fundamentals - algorithms, data structures and OOP.

March 9 - March 12

Between March 9th and March 12th, applicants who passed successfully the technical test will be invited to discuss their determination to participate in ScaleFocus Academy and answer questions on programming fundamentals topics.

March 13

On March 13th, all accepted students will receive a welcoming note with instructions regarding the training process.

March 16

March 16

On March 16th, ScaleFocus Academy lectures will start in Plovdiv.

March 16

Technical Programs



C#, .NET Core, Entity Framework, MSSQL

More about .NET Program


JavaScript/TypeScript, Angular, React

More about JS Program

Academy Details

The duration of the Academy is 3 months, packed with practice-oriented exercises and projects. Afterwards, you will become a desired specialist capable of adding value to any IT company. The technical programs require 20-30 hours weekly commitment, with 10 of those on-site in our training centers. In order to keep up with the pace in the ScaleFocus Academy, you’ll need to have good knowledge of the fundamentals of programming. Specifically, you should join the Academy if you have the following

Sound understanding of Data Structures, Algorithms and OOP principles

Experience with SCM tools like Git and platforms like GitHub and GitLab

Passion for learning and desire to dedicate yourself full-time to the Academy

A dream of becoming a sought-after IT professional

Ready to start an IT career?