What is ScaleFocus Academy?

ScaleFocus Academy is the largest educational initiative led by the private sector in Bulgaria. Our mission is to train 10 000 qualified specialists for the world of professional it services!

“The purpose of the ScaleFocus Academy is to retain the young and motivated people in our country, to enable them to gain knowledge and experience free of charge. Our industry is confronted with the mismatch between demand and availability of motivated IT professionals. We have set ourselves the daunting task of changing this.”

Plamen Tsekov, CEO of ScaleFocus

Our Vision

Our mission is to bridge the gap between academic education and professional experience. We strive to attract and retain young professionals in Bulgaria by offering them a unique and concrete path to a successful career in software development that only takes six months.

We believe that we can accomplish that through a more decentralized approach and support IT hubs outside of Sofia. Regional centers such as Burgas, Plovdiv, Varna, Ruse are all home to greatly talented people that need support to show the best of their potential. 

In all locations we will be looking to work with local authorities, business partners and all interested parties that identify with our mission. 

Our Home

We currently operate ScaleFocus Academy in Sofia, Plovdiv and Burgas. Our team works with local schools, universities and organizations to spark interest in IT and build the right model for professional development. Stay tuned for updates regarding ScaleFocus Academy by subscribing to our email newsletter!