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Georgi Dyulgerov

Georgi Dyulgerov

Scalefocus Academy’s education model covers all fundamental aspects of programming in a proper way which is very important. I had the theoretical knowledge as a Software Engineer, and it helped me organize it and put it into practice. For me, this was the missing link. Working on group projects together with other developers was another key feature and an invaluable experience that I gained from the Academy. To me for every programmer at the beginning of their career teamwork is very important as it is in fact the reality of our job, it is specific.

Metodi Vladimirov

Metodi Vladimirov

If your goal is to become a skilled programmer and expand your knowledge you will always find a way. I found mine with Scalefocus Academy. I tell my friends that I learned as much in the Academy as in the University but also gained valuable practical experience. I have met many people with whom we remained friends and managed to support each other in becoming better developers. Scalefocus Academy is where everyone with the motivation and the will to be a programmer can become one.

Tsveta Bozova

Tsveta Bozova

Scalefocus Academy was one of the best things that happened to me in 2020. It helped me to set the direction in my career. I have learned how to learn. My tutors and mentors showed me the real-life working process of a developer. Now that I am already part of Scalefocus I have the confidence that I am independent and have the skills and knowledge to solve every challenge in my work. Thank you, Scalefocus Academy!

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